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S.T.I Laser

S.T.I Laser

עיבוד וחיתוך בלייזר כולל ייצור והרכבות בחדר נקי

STI Laser Industries Ltd.
, a medical device manufacturer specializing in laser cutting, micromachining and finishing of miniature metal components. We focus on medical device manufacturing of implants and surgical tools used in minimally invasive surgery. STI provides a comprehensive manufacturing platform for medical device, bio-engineering and hi-tech companies seeking prototyping, small series or contract manufacturing services

Companies developing innovative medical devices need a dependable manufacturing partner they can rely on. STI supports customers through the life cycle of their products, providing the engineering and manufacturing solutions required to successfully develop and manufacture their products

Established medical device companies wishing to outsource part or all of their manufacturing process or seeking a second source supplier are invited to contact us

STI encourages visitors to browse and learn about STI, our manufacturing capabilities, the wide range of manufacturing services we provide, and see some of our work products, such as: stents, heart valve frames, orthopedic devices, surgical tools and other miniature components

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Hamavlet Metal Works

Hamavlet Metal Works

חברת המבלט עבודות מתכת בע"מ - חברת ייצור קבלנית המספקת פתרון טכנולוגי מקיף ומתקדם לייצור מוצרים, כלים, מבלטים, מתקנים ייעודיים ושאר חלקי מתכת עבור לקוחותיה. הנכם מוזמנים לדפדף באתר וללמוד על חברת המבלט, יכולותיה, מגוון שירותי הייצור, ולהתרשם מהאיכות הגבוהה של המוצרים.

Manufacture of medical device components

medical devices industry is driven by innovation, in medical treatments, medicine and medical engineering. The development of a medical device requires frequent modifications. Compliance with high quality requirements and short lead times requires strict management and efficient manufacturing processes. Furthermore, the manufacture of surgical instruments and ancillary accessories for minimal invasive surgery procedures requires high precision and controlled manufacturing capability

Hamavlet, in conjunction with STI Laser Industries, Ltd., has the comprehensive manufacturing capability to manufacture precision prototypes using EDM wire cutting or laser cutting and the operational flexibility to effect the frequent modifications in the models based on customer instructions. Hamavlet's rapid response enables companies developing medical devices to shorten the R&D stage and take advantage of the short window of opportunity to introduce their products into the market

Typical medical devices industry requirements
precision manufacturing (0.005-0.01 mm) of various sized items
Corrosion resistance, durability under recurring sterilizations and optimal surface
Special raw materials, such as: Medical stainless steel (302, 316, 416, 420), nitinol, titanium
Approved, controlled and documented manufacturing process compliant with ISO 13485 quality management standard

Manufacturing solutions
Precision manufacturing of prototypes and small to medium sized series using EDM wire cutting and drilling
Laser welding assembly of products and mechanisms
Assistance in the transition process from R&D to serial production
Serial manufacturing using stamping or EDM wire cutting, for example: Mechanism parts and medical pumps
Coating and finishing, such as: Passivation, electro-polishing
ISO 13485 compliant manufacturing, quality assurance and cleanroom product assembly through STI Laser Industries, Ltd

Applications and products
Surgical instruments
Mechanical parts (Medical pump components, clamps, electrodes, springs, miniature gears, handles, supports
Marker tags for surgical instruments
Disposable products: Surgical clips, scalpel blades, pins
Medical implant shape setting jigs

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הזרקות והרכבות בחדר נקי משלב ייצור חלקים ועד לאספקת מוצר סופי

3BY Ltd.
specializes in subcontracting turn-key projects of medical components, devices and systems

3BY provides production of Medical products in a clean room environment according to highest world class standards, Molding services, sophisticated plastic injection molding services, thermoforming packages (blister), technical design assistance, Automatic assembly and packaging. Our personal and professional attitude has ensured a history of reliable superior output and complete customer satisfaction. 3BY has the ability to be flexible according to the customers needs

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E. Nechmad

E. Nechmad

פיתוח וייצור מזרקים אוטומטים ומחטים

E. Nechmad Ltd. specializes in the development and manufacture of state-of-the-art automatic syringes for healthcare applications. The Company supplies high-quality syringes and accessories to livestock producers and healthcare professionals around the globe via an international network of distributors and dealers. Established in 1956, Nechmad is a family-owned and operated business dedicated to providing superior products, prompt delivery and excellent service.

Nechmad offers a wide range of innovative self-refilling syringes designed for the mass vaccination of poultry, swine and cattle. The Company's easy-to-use veterinary products include fixed-dosage, variable-dosage and multi-purpose syringes. Nechmad also supplies advanced medical syringes and instruments to healthcare providers.

Nechmad's ergonomically designed syringes have been developed to meet evolving market needs based on ongoing feedback from the customers. Produced with only the finest materials, each syringe passes stringent quality assurance testing. As a result, Nechmad syringes are widely recognized for their outstanding accuracy, reliability and durability.

The Company's growing customer base includes distributors and dealers worldwide. Nechmad’s products are sold and supported on every continent – North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, South America and Africa. Nechmad is highly responsive to customer requests in diverse areas such as shipment packaging, quantities and schedules. The Company strives to achieve long-term customer relationships, and has been associated with many of its customers for decades.

With a strong combination of proven products, satisfied customers and experienced management, Nechmad is the supplier of choice for automatic veterinary and healthcare syringes.



חברת פלג, מספקת פתרונות Turn Key כוללים ללקוחות. החל מתכנון המוצרים ובניית אבי – טיפוס, דרך טיפול ברכש ובלוגיסטיקה ועד לייצור סדרתי של חלקים, הרכבות אלקטרו מכאניות / מיכשור רפואי תוך כדי אינטגרציה מלאה בין המחלקות השונות.

The Peleg Division provides customers with comprehensive turn key solutions, beginning with the design of products and the building of prototypes, through the handling of purchasing and logistics and until serial production, Medicl device and electro-mechanical assembly and department integration

As an integral part of the service and products provided, we continuously strive to improve the system to reduce delivery times and to find ways to reduce order costs

One of the principle areas to which we allocate extensive resources annually is the purchase of advanced technologies, the increase of equipment quantities with an emphasis on reduced processes and technology and investment in training staff members that operate the various departments

The production and operations departments, in full cooperation with the Production Planning and Supervision (PPS) departments, the engineering and the plant assemblies, provide customers with consultation, professional accompaniment and technical solution

Machining equipment
The Peleg machining plant includes over 85 CNC technology machining devices of the most advanced in the world
In the field of milling – today's equipment allows for milling and machining at precision levels of up to 0.01 mm

 Sheet processing equipment
The Peleg sheet and profile processing plant includes laser cutting, welding, polishing, flexing, corrugating, presses, paint, etc

 Paint shop
A new electro-static painting setup was launched at the Peleg plant in 2007 at an investment of over 400,000 Euro, by the Ideal Lime company a line of 180 meters and sized 1500x2500x4500
This paint shop is one of the largest and most advanced in Israel allowing us to provide our customers with paint spray capacities

The assembly plant unites under one roof the Peleg abilities to perform mechanical assembly, sub-ensembles and various ensembles at a single location and at reduced delivery times

Avco System

Avco System

עיבוד שבבי מדויק משלב אבי טיפוס ועד למוצר מוגמר סופי ע"פ מפרט הלקוח, כולל מערך פיתוח, הנדסה והרכבות

Avco System Integration
Ltd. Was established in 1969 by Mr. Avi Avidor, founder and owner. From a low volume company Avco has grown to be one of the leading metal works facilities in Israel. It is a year now since Avco System Integration Ltd. has been relocated to a super modern facility situated in Yavne and located on an area of 6000 Sqm.

Avco`s yearly turnover indicates a permanent yearly growth of  20%

Avco System Integration Ltd. Style 2000 is a prosperous and leading company

Avco System Integration Ltd. Technological know-how, enables the company to give our customers quick and practical solution upon demand

Avco`s machine fleet consists of
12 CNC lathes milling combined up to 6 axis.
30 CNC milling machines up to 5 axis working simultaneously.
All are supported by the CAD/CAM system and measured by our CMM
Technical consulting and engineering solution for ATP jigs, test benches etc

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ייצור, פיתוח שיווק ומכירה של שתלים אורטופדים

CarboFix Orthopedic Ltd., is a fast growing
company engaged in developing, manufacturing and marketing innovative
solutions for the fixation of long bones

CarboFix Orthopedics Ltd. acquired the rights of the Fixion and Piccolo Composite product lines

The companies are currently in a transition period. please note that in the meantime the Fixion & Piccolo Composite product lines are being manufactured by N.M.B Medical Applications Ltd.

The company uses its cumulative
knowledge and expertise in the field of
orthopedics to develop products which
enhance the quality of life of patients and are
more user-friendly for surgeons

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